I know that as a writer, it can be hard to find ways to get your message out there. That’s why I am thrilled to let you know that you can submit you work to be published on my website! I would love to showcase your work here and help you get exposure.

You can submit any type of writing to be published, including, but not limiting to: short stories, mini sagas, poetry, creative writing prompts, and creative essays.

There is no word limit, however, the shorter the piece is, the better it’s chances of getting published.

To find out how to submit your work, skip to the next paragraph. Don’t feel like your writing is ready yet? I offer both creative critiquing and proofreading services. I would love to help you make your writing the best it can be! Click the button below to be directed to my ‘Services’ page.

Here is how to submit your work:

  1. Attach your file as a Word document or paste it in the body of the email.
  2. Include you name, the title of your piece, and its word count.
  3. Copy and paste the following to your email: I (insert name here) give permission to Samantha Proctor from to publish my (insert category i.e. Short Story, Poem, Mini Saga) titled (Title) on her website and any social media page associated with her website. I give Samantha Proctor permission to use my name on her website and social media accounts.
  4. Go through what you just copied and pasted and fill in the parentheses with the correct information.
  5. Address email to
  6. Send it in!

I read every submission I receive, but your submission may or may not receive a personal response dependent upon time constraints.

Thank you for sharing your work with me! I can’t wait to read it!