What is Wordy Wednesday?

Every Wednesday I post a unique or underused word along with its definition, sample sentence, and a usage challenge. This is a fun way to expand your vocabulary and stretch your writing muscles. Besides, every writer could use another weapon in their word arsenal, right?


Word: Ephemeral

Definition: Lasting for a very short time

Origin: Greek

Sample Sentence:

Unfortunately for Eden, young love, in all its cruelty, is often ephemeral.


This word is tricky for creative writing because it naturally sounds ‘textbook-ish’. Your challenge is to make the word sound natural, emotional, or romantic. Write a short story, poem, or mini saga using this word in a way that will burn it into the hearts of readers. You can use the sample sentence if you wish, but it is recommended that you use an original sentence. After you have finished, you are encouraged to share a link to your story in the comments, or share the sentence you wrote using the word of the day. Good luck, and happy writing!