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Christmas is fast approaching! Do you have the perfect gift for the writer in your life?

I love to give gifts, but I also love to receive gifts. My favorite gifts are the ones that show that the giver knows me, pays attention to me, and wanted to give me something that was great for me specifically. Sure, chocolates and candles and jewelry are nice, but don’t you love it when a gift just screams ‘you’?

That’s why I love getting books and anything related to writing.

When I open up a suspense novel or a packet of super smooth pens, I think to myself, “This person knows me.” And that’s a good feeling.

That’s why I compiled this list of seven useful gifts for writers. Not only will the writer in your life be blessed that you cared enough to get them something that shows you pay attention to their interests, but it will also let them know that you support their passions (and that’s really the best gift you can give, isn’t it?).

Why You Should Give These Books to the Writers in Your Life:

Because these books are awesome!

These books are designed specifically for writers. They are filled with invaluable information for writing and life in general. I can personally attest to the fact that books like these have improved my writing, improved my life, and blessed me tremendously. I would be absolutely thrilled to get any of these books as gifts.

Most of the books on this list can be delivered by Christmas if ordered by December 8th, so if you see something your favorite writer would love, I recommend you order it as soon as possible! Also, most of them ship worldwide for FREE. Score!

Best Books to Give to Writers:

The Forest For the Trees: An Editors Advice to Writers by Betsy Lerner

7 Useful Gift Ideas for Writers. Need a birthday or Christmas gift for the writer in your life? Here are seven great ideas!

The Forest for the Trees is a masterpiece. Every writer wants to get inside the mind of an editor, and this book provides the perfect opportunity. Not only does the author give practical and helpful advice, but she also delivers an entertaining, humorous, and blatantly honest piece of literature. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I’d go so far as to say it changed my life and my perspective on being a writer. Lerner truly understands writers and what makes us tick. She addresses many of the problems that writers face, specifically the ones no one talks about. I felt as if she was speaking directly to me and that she personally knew me. If there is one book on writing I would recommend, this would be it. To learn more, read reviews, or purchase this amazing book, click here!

On Writing by Stephen King

7 Useful Gift Ideas for Writers

There are few writers who are better known than Stephen King. His book On Writing is considered a staple for any writer’s toolbox. Although this book is partly a biography of King’s life, it is mainly hailed as a miraculous collection of writing tips for aspiring writers. If you want an all encompassing book for the writer who’s hard to shop for, this is your book. To read reviews, learn more, or purchase this book, click here!

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

7 Useful Gift Ideas for Writers

In this stunning book, Lamott teaches writers to accomplish writing projects ‘bird by bird’. For any writer, and especially those who aspire to write novels, writing can seem like a huge task. The thought of having to develop characters, form a plot, and then write hundreds of thousands of words is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. Lamott, with her humorous wit and warm personality, gives wonderful and encouraging advice to writers. To anyone who wants to write a book, or has ever felt overwhelmed by their aspirations, this book is worth it’s weight in gold. To learn more, read reviews, or purchase this book, click here!

Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass

7 Useful Gifts for Writers

Every aspiring writer dreams about writing their breakout novel: the one that propels them into the world of published writers, the one that proves all their hard work wasn’t for nothing, and the one that they can feel proud of. This book, written by an author and literary agent, teaches writers how to step up their game to be the best they can be. Maass gives not only great advice, but also offers practical techniques that will improve writing. If you know a writer who dreams of being on the best-sellers’ list, this book will make a great gift. To learn more, read reviews, or purchase this book, click here!

Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell

7 Useful Gifts for Writers

Before you label this book as ‘boring’ because of the title, let me tell you about how awesome it is. Not only does this book offer techniques for writers, but it also includes valuable exercises that will strengthen and stretch writing muscles. This book focuses on crafting a plot that will grip readers from the very first sentence to the last. No writer wants their book to be labeled as boring, so this book is incredibly beneficial to aspiring authors. To learn more, read reviews, or purchase this novel, click here!

Can’t Decide on a Book? Journals Make the Perfect Gift for a Writer!

Most writers love journals. I know I do! I hoard them like a pack rat. At any given moment, I have fifteen unused journals chilling out on my bookshelf. Even if I never use them, I love to admire their beautiful covers. It’s a weird, writer thing.

A journal is a great tool for writers to scribble down their thoughts, dreams, outlines, or poetry. Every writer should have a good journal on hand at all times.

Here are two different journals that would make great gifts for writers:

Celestial Journal

7 Useful Gifts for Writers

Just look at that journal cover. It’s gorgeous! Between the blue base and the gold designs (including a sun, planets, and stars) this novel has me swept away. Inside this journal, you will find 160 lined pages, perfect for writers to scrawl down their innermost thoughts and feelings. To learn more or purchase this gorgeous novel, click here!

Wreck This Journal (Everywhere Edition) by Keri Smith

7 Useful Gifts for Writers

It’s not often that a journal has an author other than the owner who scribbles in it, but this journal is unique. In this 144 page journal you will find a plethora of prompts and ideas to spark the imagination. Smith encourages the journal’s owner to destroy the journal creatively by using such stimulating techniques as scribbling, painting with coffee, punching holes through pages, and in other words artistically filling every page. This is a fun gift for someone who needs a creative outlet. To learn more, read reviews, or purchase this journal, click here!

Want more gift ideas for writers? Check out my Pinterest board: Gifts for Writers

I hope this post helped you find the perfect gift for that someone special. Remember that it’s the effort and thoughtfulness that counts when it comes to gift giving.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Tell me in the comments! My favorite gift was The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton. That book changed my life and helped make me into the person I am today.